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Since June 30th, 2004, NASA’s spacecraft, Cassini, has been orbiting Saturn, imaging everything it finds. Cassini has sent to us myriads of stunning images of its subject, the ‘Jewel of the Solar System.’ But perhaps its images have raised more questions than they have answered.

The most notable of these findings are the images of Mimas. Well, that is if it really is Mimas. Moon… or Death Star?

Original Death StarMimas Death Star

Is our government really telling us everything there is to know about these discoveries?
For example, are these really auroras on Saturn’s southern pole or is there something else occurring?

Saturn's Auroras

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    • John Lavelle
    • Posted August 8, 2005 at 4:25 pm
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    Damn, I never noticed how sexy Saturn was and how I become suddenly unable to formulate logical statements in its presence….

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