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StarCraftScot Buzza sent this to me.

A South Korean man died last week due to a video game addiction. Apparently, the 28-year old man collapsed at an Internet Café after playing Starcraft for 49 hours. Identified only by his last name, Lee collapsed Friday after barely eating and not sleeping at all during his video game extravaganza. He passed away a few hours after being moved to a hospital. Doctors presume he had a heart attack from the extensive exhaustion. Lee had been fired the month before because he kept ditching work to play video games.

Next time someone invites you over for a weekend Quakefest, you better think twice!


    • Molly
    • Posted August 16, 2005 at 9:46 am
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    if i could die playing world of warcraft, i might.

  1. Lol. I’m sure you would. Better be careful how it happens though:

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