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From Dan Simpson, retired U.S. ambassador, at the Post-Gazette:

As I suspected six months ago, U.S. military and Bush administration civilian officials confirmed last week that U.S. forces have invaded Syria and engaged in combat with Syrian forces.

An unknown number of Syrians are acknowledged to have been killed; the number of Americans — if any — who have died in Syria so far has not yet been revealed by the U.S. sources, who by the way insist on remaining faceless and nameless.

The New York Times is calling this a “shadow struggle” and compares it to Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

The truly frightening part is that Secretary Rice has made it clear that the White House believes the Iraq War Resolution could allow for a war with Syria. In other words, Bush would not have to approach congress before starting another war.

I would like to know where he plans to get the troops since Rice also admitted that we could be in Iraq for another ten years.

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  1. In an incredibly well written Op-Ed piece, U.S. Congressman George Miller, Chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee, has put together a plan for Iraq. Miller is the first Democrat to articulate a detailed strategy. Here’s an excerpt:

    “LAST WEEK’S vote on the Iraqi constitution was important, but it should not distract Americans from the real problems we face there.

    Not only is the new constitution a divisive document that leaves most key political issues unsettled, but its approval will not slow the growth or influence of the deadly insurgency. It remains that the U.S. strategy in Iraq is not working now and it will not ever work. We must change course, and there is a way to do that. ”

    Read more at Sector 7G.

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