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Remember back in grade school, at this time every year, you would fold up white pieces of paper and cut out pieces to make snowflakes? And then your teacher would hang them up around the room? And then, when everyone else’s was still hanging up, you would be working on your fifth snowflake because you keep cutting a little too deep and chopping them in half?

Well, now you can make as many as you want and you have an UNDO button! LookAndFeel New Media has put together a gorgeous flash game where you can cut out your own snow flakes and then save them as graphics. Check it out!

Snowflake Flash Game

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    • Detroit
    • Posted December 30, 2005 at 10:33 am
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    You forgot to mention the part about folding them over too many times and creating a thick ream and then hacking with too much force and finally cutting through all the folds of paper in one violent motion and removing the tip of your finger in the process, leaving a little geyser of blood squirting from the end that pulsated with your heartbeat and made Stacy Kolinski shriek and Paul Gurtler fainted and I got yelled at by Mrs Suski even though I was still bleeding and it wasn’t fair because Missy Maslowski was the one who told me to do it and at recess someone told my sister who was three grades ahead of me and she told my mom.

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