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True Lies

A couple of weeks ago, TPMMuckraker noticed a strange blog on called Grandma in Iraq that posts only upbeat and happy stories about Iraq. After a little investigative journalism (yes, some people still do that), TPMM found out that ‘Grandma’ was really a public affairs officer for the U.S. army.

The Cincinnati Enquirer (owner of, got bombarded with letters and e-mails. Within two days, they changed the top title of Suzanne ‘Grandma’ Fournier’s blog to show her true employment.

Suzanne’s defense? The Cincinnati Enquirer apparently published her role in previous installments of their newspaper. That of course makes it okay because every time I visit a new blog I search for the person’s name in every local paper to find out their real identity.

I guess the Enquirer apparently think journalism is about publishing what the government writes under false guises instead of, oh, I don’t know, asking questions, reporting, and the like.