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Meteor ShowerGrab your blankets and caffeine! Tomorrow’s night sky is going to be ablaze with an impressive display of fiery meteors!

Thursday, August 11th, marks the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. At a rate of about 160 meteors per hour, the Perseids are annually one of the most spectacular night shows of the year. Entering our atmosphere at speeds around 60 km/sec, they quite often produce Bonides, which leave fiery streaks that cross the sky.

For best viewing, you will want to find a place far away from any city lights. I have found that the best places by Cincinnati are actually in Indiana. Just take I-74 to highway 52 and drive until it is dark. Then turn some random side road until you find a good farm with no trees. You will want to go after moonset which occurs at 11:40pm tomorrow night. Settle down facing northeast and enjoy the show!

If you have ever wanted a star to wish upon, tomorrow will be the night!