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The selection and appointment of bishops in the Catholic Church has a long and diverse history. From popular election to appointments by the pope, bishops have been placed through a series of different methods. These methods end up having dramatic impacts on the Church. They raise questions on who has a voice and who should have a voice.

For now, this is a resource page incorporating both my writings and links to other information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Original Writings
Flier on the History and Contemporary Selection of Bishops
I wrote this flier to be handed out as a short reference at events concerning bishop selection.
Side 1 – An Intriguing History : Election of Bishops in the Catholic Church: Covers the evolution of the process selecting bishops from the first churches to the twentieth century.
Side 2 – The Appointment of Bishops in the Catholic Church in the U.S.: Describes the process used today to nominate bishops for appointment by the pope.

Anonymous. Our Broken Parish, 2008 (pdf)
Moll, Matthew. Student of the Laity (pdf)
Reese, Thomas J. A Survey of the American Bishops, 1983 (pdf)
Reese, Thomas J. The Selection of Bishops, 1983 (pdf)

Church Documents
Christus Dominus: On the Pastoral Office of Bishops, 1965 (pdf)
Canon Law 1983 (pdf)
  – See Canon 375
Didache, ~80-120 C.E. (pdf)
  – See Chapter 16
Lumen Gentium, 1964 (pdf)

Nation Review Board for the Protection of Children and Young People
  – Report on the Crisis, 2004 (mirror)
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  – Appointing Bishops (mirror)
Voice of the Faithful
  – Five Proposals for Structural Change (mirror)

O’Callaghan, Joseph. Electing Our Bishops, 2007
Reese, Thomas J. A Flock of Shepherds, 1982

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