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The Lyric Hyphenator is a free online linguistics program that automatically hyphenates English words into syllables.

It is great for use with music notation software like Finale. The resulting text can simply be pasted into the program and automatically lined up with the musical score. It is also a great tool for English teachers and students.

Simply paste your text into the field below:

Current limitations include:

  • Only hyphenates words found in standard English dictionaries.
  • Does not hyphenate some proper nouns.

Always double-check your results before using them.

Is there a word that did not get hyphenated correctly or at all? Or perhaps a word that you feel should be added to our database? Please let us know by submitting it below:

For questions, comments, or concerns, please email me. Also, for those of you writing music, Analog-X has put together a cool free program that helps you find words that rhyme.

The Lyric Hyphenator is powered by user created dictionaries and dictionaries provided by Project choir composer songs composition notes lyrics choir director finale music software translation german italian french latin musical notation singing