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Hawaii BeachWell, Matt Kelley is back in town, which means bars, putt-putt, and computers for me. I like to tell myself that he’s here to visit me, but I’m sure that his lovely girlfriend, Erin, has something to do with it. Speaking of girlfriends, I would like to send out a warm happy b-day to my lovely significant other, who just turned 23 last Saturday.

It’s been a pretty awesome week with lots of good food and good friends. Friday was the beginning of Rach’s celebration with dinner at TGIFs and a little Silverton Café afterwards. For the record, I believe Silverton is the coolest bar in Cincinnati. Not only do they do non-credit carded tabs, they have ski-ball bowling, mini-shuffle board, an old-school ice cream machine that uses a suction pump, kwazy karaoke, and a juke box you have to hit to make it work. Best yet, during the week, they lock the front door at 11pm. This way, only the regulars who know where the side entrance is are allowed in.

Saturday held more good birthday food at Cancun and was followed by amazing desserts at Prima Vista, an amazing restaurant that sits upon a hill overlooking all of Cincinnati. The rest of the week has led Matt, Erin, and me to other great Cinci places including Nothing But Noodles, PRC, Western Hills Putt-Putt, and a second trip to Silverton.

Good luck to all those starting classes, whether you’re taking ‘em or teaching ‘em!

Well, I gotta lot of cool new gadgets to post about, but before I do, here is a little something for you from John Lavelle. He sent this to me in an email entitled ‘WTF……seriously, WTF.’ All I’ll give you are the title and the links.

Naked Woman Jumps Onto Car to Stop Thief: I’d watch the video and then read the article.