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Michael BrownAfter failing horribly at his job, Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown was relieved of his onsite command Friday. Not only did he have no training or prior experience with emergency management, not only was he fired from his last job as International Arabian Horse Association due to mounting litigation and financial disarray, Time reports that he lied on his resume.

Here is a great quote from Bill Clinton’s book, My Life, that puts Brownie’s job into perspective: (via Atrios)

“… I went to Florida a few days after President Bush did to observe the damage from Hurricane Andrew. I had dealt with a lot of natural disasters as governor, including floods, droughts, and tornadoes, but I had never seen anything like this. I was surprised to hear complaints from both local officials and residents about how the Federal Emergency Management Agency was handling the aftermath of the hurricane. Traditionally, the job of FEMA director was given to a political supporter of the President who wanted some plum position but who had no experience with emergencies. I made a mental note to avoid that mistake if I won. Voters don’t chose a President based on how he’ll handle disasters, but if they’re faced with one themselves, it quickly becomes the most important issue in their lives.”

-Bill Clinton, My Life (p. 428)