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This is for all of you who want your quick news fix. Let them be a guide for sources to look into.

Daily Show FkersFirst off, here is the Daily Show’s take on the hurricane relief. It is probably the most scathing Daily Show I have ever seen. The best part about it is the montage on the ‘Blame Game’ where right-wingers say that no one should point fingers and then they do just that. (via C&L)

Brian Williams on the Daily ShowThis is Jon Stewart’s interview of NBC reporter Brian Williams. Brian Williams was in the Superdome for the hurricane and most of the relief effort. (via One Good Move)

David GregoryFrom a White House press conference, David Gregory grills Scott McClellan on the relief leadership. (via One Good Move)

Laura BushLaura Bush cannot even get the name of the hurricane correct. She call’s it ‘Corrina.’ (via C&L)

Mark WilliamsFinally, this will make your stomach turn. Mark Williams states that it was the people’s own dumb fault for not getting out of the way of a category five hurricane. (via C&L)

Thanks to Crooks and Liars and One Good Move for hosting these videos.