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At his first court appearance today, DeLay’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, claimed that the judge assigned to the case should be disqualified. A central part of DeGuerin’s claim was that the Texas judge, Bob Perkins, had donated in the past to, which is selling t-shirts with DeLay’s mug shot on them.

The catch: MoveOn is not selling any t-shirt with DeLay’s mug shot.

You can check out the site for yourself. This is just another dirty tactic DeLay is using to pollute the jury pool in Texas.

But that’s not all. His supporters have actually been running television advertisements that smear the District Attorney, Ronnie Earle. You can watch the ad called ‘Bad Ronnie, Bad’ at the Free Enterprise Fund’s website (scroll down once you get there).

Bad Ronnie, Bad Commercial

Luckily, there are groups fighting against this smear campaign. The Public Campaign Action Fund just launched their own commercial discussing DeLay’s actions that got him indicted. You can watch the video at Clean Up Congress. (via Sector 7G)

DeLay Money Laundering Ad

For more information and video of today’s hearing, check out ThinkProgress.

God, politics is dirty. Or, maybe, it’s just the politicians…