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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Courtesy of TSG, here they are:

Tom DeLay's Warrant

Tom DeLay's Mug Shot

I wonder who will be next

CheneyAn article in Bloomberg today discusses a special counsel focusing on whether or not Cheney played a role in leaking Valerie Plame’s identity as a CIA operative in order to intimidate and silence her husband who had evidence against WMDs in Iraq.

Fitzgerald has questioned Cheney’s communications adviser Catherine Martin and former spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise and ex-White House aide Jim Wilkinson about the vice president’s knowledge of the anti-Wilson campaign and his dealings on it with Libby, his chief of staff, the people said. The information came from multiple sources, who requested anonymity because of the secrecy and political sensitivity of the investigation.

Again, I’m just waiting for the investigation to be over so that all of this can be revealed.

Take a break from the start of the week and enjoy one of the greatest comedian’s ever: Mitch Hedberg (1968-2005). His Comedy Central special was one of his greatest live performances.

Comedy Central Presents: Mitch Hedberg (Part 1)
Comedy Central Presents: Mitch Hedberg (Part 2)
Mitch Hedberg
“I don’t have a girlfriend. I just know a girl who would get really mad if she heard me say that.”

Little Johnny Sleeping SignI just got an e-mail from Gary that an old site I helped setup got hacked and compromised the computer science server, which also reminded me to upgrade security here. So, Leaving Only Footprints might be down for a little bit in the wee hours of the night. There should be no visual changes, but if you experience any problems, please let me know.

Update(2:03am): Ok. We’re all set to go. I had some funkiness with linkages and the rss feed. Again, any troubles, please let me know.

Lunar EclipseYou might have noticed the gorgeous moon these past few days as it continued to wane. Well, if you’re an early worker, make sure to take a look at it tomorrow (Monday) morning. The moon is setting just after 8am, but if you sneak a peak at it around 6:30am until then, you should catch the reddish darkening of the earth’s shadow.

Also, Mars has been absolutely brilliant this past week. At almost any time of night, you can see its bright sphere. It’s easy to spot. Just look for a red pinpoint of light. It’s much bigger than all the other stars and planets right now.

Judith MillerBig news of the day is the New York Times’ articles on Judith Miller. Here is the Times’ take on her role in the Plamegate affair and here is Miller’s article.

I really have little to say about either. To me, it seems like it’s one issue to protect a whistle blowing source who has information about a group hurting people (like the big tobacco case) and a completely different issue to protect a source who is using reporters to put a whistleblower’s family’s life in danger by illegally giving the reporters nationally confidential material. The funny thing is that the New York Times states they feel the same way in their Code of Ethics, but support the Society of Professional Journalists in giving Miller the First Amendment Award.

For more information, Arianna Huffington has a detailed rundown of the articles.

Only 12 more days until the grand jury is over. Only 12 more days to go.

Deer adopted by cows

Everybody needs somebody to love, even deer. An orphaned deer has been adopted by a herd of cows in West Chester. Apparently, the doe’s mother was hit by a car on a nearby rode. Not knowing where to go or what to do, the young deer started grazing with the herd of cows and has stayed there ever since. The farmer says their interspecies family is getting along just fine.

Breast ImplantsWith the recent advent of the new Video iPod, technology firms are finding more and more places to stick mp3 players. BT Futurology believes they have found the perfect spot: breast implants. With their innovative new design, one implant could hold your entire music collection and the other could house the mp3 player. I’ll leave the controls up to your imagination. The same technology could also be used to monitor heart palpitations, blood pressure, diabetes, and breast cancer.

Archaeologists excavating an ancient Chinese settlement discovered that underneath a well-preserved clay bowl were just as well-preserved noodles. The wheat noodles were found in Lajia, which was destroyed by an earthquake over 4,000 years ago. This surprised scientists who thought noodles were developed around 2,000 years ago.

4,000 Year Old Noodles

There is a new fad spreading around the net right now called camera tossing. It consists of throwing a digital camera into the air with the aperture open. Usually, it’s done with a CVS disposable camera, but some people are even using their Canon 10Ds! Here a couple of examples from clickykbd:

Camera Toss 1

Camera Toss 2

Check out more photos here.