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Is this how we support our troops?

From 10News:

A local family said fallen soldiers and Marines deserve better and that one would think our war heroes are being transported with dignity, care and respect. It said one would think upon arrival in their hometowns they are greeted with honor. But unfortunately, the family said that is just not the case.

Dead heroes are supposed to come home with their coffins draped with the American flag — greeted by a color guard.

But in reality, many are arriving as freight on commercial airliners — stuffed in the belly of a plane with suitcases and other cargo.

John Holley and his wife, Stacey, were stunned when they found out the body of their only child, Matthew, who died in Iraq last month, would be arriving at Lindbergh Field as freight.

Dead Marine Shipped As Freight

One Comment

  1. This is just horrible.

    I came across another picture of what this really looks like.

    No brass band, no heroes welcome, just a couple of crying parent’s in a freight warehouse while their sons coffin is brought out on a forklift.

    I’ve got it up as my
    picture of the day.


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