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Bush Budget Cuts

I got this from J-Luv this morning:

The ellusive cuts to 141 programs in Bush’s budget were finally digested and publish late yesterday. If would be unfair to say that they are being cut in order to increase the defense budget and free up “emergency funds” for wars in Afgan. and Iraq…….. if it weren’t for the fact that its true. See if you can find your program here on the list! Notice all the cuts to education…. b/c children need to start taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for not getting left behind. It’s the American way.

Program Bush Wants to Cut or Kill

Interestingly enough, the majority of these cuts were in his budget proposals the last couple years, and they have been salvaged time and time again (like Head Start and Americorps NCCC, for example). But a very different political climate and increased pressure to eliminate
Congressmembers’ “pet projects” could make the approval and ammending interesting.

This sucks.

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