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That which tickles your funny bone

Bush Social Security

For those of you who were unable to watch Bush’s State of the Union last Tuesday, our president was thrown off base when a large portion of congress applauded his statement on social security: “Congress did not act last year on my proposal.” From Think Progress:

When President Bush first launched his campaign to privatize Social Security last year, just 39 percent of Americans approved of how he was handling the issue. A year later, that number has dropped to 35 percent.

The sentiments of the majority of Americans was voiced last night when President Bush brought up his privatization plans. Bush’s statement that “Congress did not act last year on my proposal” was met with rousing, unexpected applause that clearly unnerved Bush.

Watch the video.


No, we are not talking about the Iditarod and its inspirational dog sled stories. The Idiotarod is considered a celebration of all things idiot. Beginning in 2004, hundreds of drunken idiots race from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This occurred again last Friday. From CBS:

Teams of five (four runners and one musher) per cart must make it to two checkpoints and the finish line with their cart. Inebriation is allowed, and even encouraged. The cart must be intact, and four rubber wheels must be used. Teams can choose any route they want to make it to the checkpoints.

Sabotage is not only allowed, but officially encouraged by a prize.

If you are interested in getting drunk, running around New York City, and acting like an idiot next year, check out the Idiotarod’s Official Website.

Toast the Earth

In honor of the latest governmental attempt to silence global warming experts and their research, this weeks video, Toast the Earth, comes from From their website:

The Exxpose Exxon campaign is a collaborative effort of 15 of the nation’s largest environmental and public interest advocacy organizations to educate and activate Americans about ExxonMobil’s efforts to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, prevent action on global warming, and encourage America’s oil dependence.

For more information on global warming, check out the Union of Concerned Scientists and Green-E.

Giant Octopus Attacks Submarine

This video is amazing.

Last November, Salmon researchers working on the Brooks Peninsula were using their remote-controlled mini-sub when it was attacked by a giant octopus. The $200,000, uninsured, piece of equipment was very sensitive and marine biologist, Mike Wood, knew right away the damage an octopus bite could cause. Thus, he reacted instantly with the only defensive weapon their sub had: thrusters. By kicking up seabed particles at the octopus, it finally let go and disappeared.

Calvin and Hobbes: Babies are from Taiwan

From the dark closet of J-Luv:

Monkeys learn to iceskate.

Well, great. Now the damn monkeys are just one step away from world
domination. That one step being, of course, learning to rollerblade.

(link goes to UK site for The Sun, where you’re always one click away from boobies, so buyer beware)

Monkey Ice Skating

It turns out that the eight year-old monkey’s name is Gun-Mo and he had orangutan friend named Eunbi who rode a sled. They were attending a promotional event for the 2006 Animal Academy show in Seoul. Apparently, Gun-Mo learned to skate in two weeks.

Monkeys On Ice

New York Subway Pants-Down Time

Sorry, guys. Apparently, the New York City cops don’t like pants-down time on their subways. Eight pranksters dropped their pants last Sunday, January 22nd, while riding the subway and were arrested for disorderly conduct. Apparently, over 160 riders participated in the event, organized by Improv Everywhere. Who knew this was a nation-wide phenomenon?

The same group has also staged a suicide jumper on a four-foot tall ledge:

Staged Suicide Jumper

And a McDonald’s bathroom attendant:

McDonald's Bathroom Attendant

Fish with Two Mouths

From the great state of Nebraska comes Bob, the fish with two mouths! His name really isn’t Bob, but no one else named him and I felt like he needed a name. It is unknown whether the Simpson-like fish gained its two maws from genetic mutation or an injury, but it did get him into Harvard.

Scot sent me this crazy video of a poor cat trying to get over a gate. Apparently, cats don’t always land on their feet.

Cat Jumping Over Fence

But then, I found this on the same site. I can’t even begin to describe it.

Zanger Bob

Oh, Newfoundland!

Garden of EdenJ-Luv’s latest installment of crazy things on the web:

I love Quakers! Could there ever be anything as un-sexual as a Christian nudist camp?

And don’t miss the phenomenal ending on page 2:

Martin’s critics depict him as a religious fanatic whose criticisms of rival resorts are damaging the naturist industry. “We are not concerned about him taking our members,” said Elf Anderson, who conducts nude marriage ceremonies at other resorts. “But we are concerned about the impression he gives to the public about us.”

“We are all for wholesome family nudism — but he’s just way off the scale.”

Special thanks goes to Al Gore for inventing the internet, bringing laughter and glee into my otherwise mirthless workday.