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Hi Everyone! After putting it off for quite some time, I have finally joined the ranks of those with blogs. This will be the forum for all my thoughts, works, and rantings. It will focus on everything from AJAX technology to scientific breakthroughs to my laundry habits. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts, comments, or questions you might have.

Well, today seemed like a good day to start this blog. For us amateur astronomers, it’s an incredible day…. er, night. Not only is today the summer solstice (a.k.a the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer in the United States) and not only is it a full moon, it is the lowest the moon has been on the horizon in over 20 years. More so, it is the lowest it will be for another 25 years. Take a gander around 11:00pm and you will see an enormous orange Rose Moon on the southern horizon. For more information, check out this link .