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You know it’s high summer when sharks attack and zombie dogs come to life. That’s right. Zombie dogs. I found the story on Slashdot and it describes a new technique for replacing blood with saline in order to induce hypothermia. In other words, they replaced a dog’s blood with cold saline, let it chill for two hours, filled it back up with blood, and then shocked it back to life. Thus, they created a zombie dog because for that two hours, the pooch was technically dead.

I know. I thought it was a crock, too, and it might well be. There are, however, credible sources (unlike that discuss the new method. Check out Pulmonary Reviews and the Post-Gazette. It seems to be a technology 20 years in the making and the actual zombie dog experiment occured years ago (2002). Who knows, maybe they’ve found out the secret to cryogenics?

The other awesome story (also found on Slashdot) concerns the coolest keyboard I have ever seen. Unlike standard QWERTY keyboards, it consists of keys that can be programmed to be anything you want including macros of multiple keystrokes. For programmers and editters like me who have to hit the same 3 keys over and over and over again, this is an amazing tool. Not only can you program the keys of the Ergodex DX1, you can move them around on a panel in order to create the perfect arrangement for your hands. For those of you looking for a Christmas gift to get me, check it out.