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Here are some pictures from the Evensong rehearsals and the Evensong itself. Big thanks to Rachel for taking pictures of the liturgy. All Evensong pictures can be found here.

Choir rehearsing in the dance room
Scot whipping the choir into shape at their second rehearsal.
Sopranos 1 Sopranos 2
The Sopranos (not the killing kind)
The Altos
The Tenors
The Basses
Scot Directing
Scot doing interpretive dance…. uh, I mean, directing.
Lit fire at evensong
Mesmerized by a bowl of fire.
Choir singing at evensong
The choir doing their thang.
Betsy, Nancy, and Jeff petitioning God for his services.
Scary Bill
Why I stopped taking pictures of Bill…