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Unicorn with Raibow

Because nothing you see is real.

Maybe other news addicts will understand. It’s a wasted day because tomorrow you find out that half of the stories that you read are false and the other half are deathly true, but you did not care because you thought they were pranks. It must be a great day for the police question whether or not an alligator really did escape from the zoo and ate one of ol’ Miss Robinson’s 157 cats.

Anyway, if you missed out on all of the tomfoolery, Wikipedia is has a pagefor all of the events that occurred today in all of their glory. Enjoy.

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    • J-Love
    • Posted April 3, 2006 at 9:43 am
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    Perhaps my favorite under “events mistaken as April Fool’s Day hoaxes” is the Bob Ross video game (Joy of Painting) for PC and Nintendo DS. Good call using the Nintendo DS – they’ll need one of the screens just for his hair (I’m sure THAT joke hasn’t been made a million times already).
    Please God, let this be real!

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