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Condemned Building

An Ohio judge has sentenced a negligent landlord to house arrest in one of the landlord’s own dilapidated buildings until appropriate repairs are made to the neglected properties.

Lakewood Municipal Judge Patrick Carroll ordered Richard Naumann to live in his Lake Avenue apartment building — which has no heat, hot water, operable stoves or ovens — until proper repairs are made to the two buildings he owns.

This is what some call fair housing practices.

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    • Kim
    • Posted November 10, 2011 at 12:53 pm
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    There should be a law in ALL counties. In Defiance county, there is NO office that will inspect the homes or even help tenants with SLUMLORDS! I think what this man got was not harsh enough. There are so many POOR people out there trying to make ends meet and NO ONE cares. They think that these people can live in squander while they live on the lakes and drive BMW. Well, lets get tough america and give this idiots what they deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!

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