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Cincinnati Mushroom House

The house pictured above is called the “Mushroom House” and it is a frequent sight on my walks with Storm here in Cincinnati. For more pics of the houses you always wished you could have when you were little, check out Amazing Thing’s picture list of incredible houses. My other favorite is the dragon tower!

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  1. Terry Brown was designer of “Mushroom House”

    (June 29, 2008)—Terry Brown, 54, of Rosebud died Saturday when an 18-wheeler slammed into the driver’s side of his pick truck as he drove north on Highway 77.

    Brown’s wife, Jean, 53, was flown by helicopter to Scott & White Hospital in Temple where she was treated and later released.

    The Department of Public Safety said the driver of the 18-wheeler was attempting to pass Brown’s truck when Brown started to turn left off the highway.

    The force of the collision sent the pickup truck into a roadside ditch.

    Brown was pronounced dead at the scene

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